Challange Wanaka

Challenge Wanaka is just around the corner!
We support our local athletes this year again who will participate half or full race.
Special price will be offered .
To avoid injury regular massage is very effective before the race!

30min 5X consession    only $50/session   (usually $60)
45 min 5X consession            $75/session    (usually $80)
60 min 5X consession            $85/session    (usually $95)
※Please note this offer will be end the 18 th Feb 2018 and for atheletes who will challenge the race:-)


Christmas opening hours

We wish all of you have lovely festive season!!
Our opening hours over Christmas is the below.
We still have some slots available this week.
Hurry up if you want take these slots!

23 Dec                 Open
24 Dec-26 Dec  Close
27 Dec-30 Dec  Open
31  Dec                 9:00-12:00
1 Jan - 2 Jan        Close
3 Jan                     Open
4 Jan                     Close                       



Massage Gift Vouchers are ready for Christmas or Wedding!

Our massage vouchers are on sale now! 

To buy a gift voucher, give us a call on (021) 260 1724, or click here, and complete the form. You can pay by bank transfer, or pay at the clinic, Gift Vouchers orders will be processed within 24 hours by email as a PDF attachment that can be printed by the purchaser or recipient once payment has cleared, we will send you the gift certificate within 48 hours.


Manual Therapy for Hip pain and Lower back pain ( SIJ dysfunction) with Lisa

There are many people having hip pain over this winter season from concussion, bad fall! Manual therapy or Craniosacral therapy help recover from these tissue damages, stiff hip joint and reduce pain and spasm along with approprite treatments😉 Lisa does Manual therapy and work out these sympthons.
Your first visit with Lisa cost only $60 (30min treatment plus 15min consultation)

Core stability exercise and post cancer rihab class launched with Lisa!

"Core stability exercise "group lesson start on this saturday the 22 nd at 9 am with Lisa who is qualified physiotherapist from Germany. We will have another group lesson come up soon "post cancer rehab" cost $15 / casual session(45min) at Multi peak fitness. Please pup up or message us if you want join us! keep fit together

Welcome our new therapist Lisa!

We are excited to let all our clients know we have a new therapist Lisa start practice at our clinic. She is a qualified physio therapist from Germany😉 Her special area is Remedial massage,Manual therapy, Manual Lymphatic drainage(Lymphatic Drainage massage),chronic pain syndrome (Hip pain, knee pain, etc). She has clinical professional experienced in Germany. Please come to see Lisa.She is available to take a booking now.

Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy

Craniosacral therapy treatment that uses gentle techniques to help balance the body by releasing tension and restrictions. It is well known world-wide for being able to make a profound difference to preganancy woman's physical and emotional well-being including for. It soothes back pain, nausea, headache, and edema, and supports you to deal with your concerns or anxiety around pregnancy and birth.The deep relaxation you can reach during the session helps you to cope easier with challenges in your pregnant everyday life!

Dysfunction in Tensor Fascia Lata

Dysfunction in Tensor Fascia Lata

We often overlook Tensor Fascial Latae (TFL) which is a muscle with many different functions. The dysfunction in the TFL muscle is commonly associated with knee pain and hip pain.The TFL involve in many movement such as hip flextion, rotation. Here is useful straches excersices you can do at your home. Please check it out!

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We would love your help again for Challenge Wanaka 2017 on Saturday 18th February!

Whether you are training for an event, part of a sports team or working out to stay fit, regular sports massage will speed recovery, condition muscles, free up stiff joints and tight muscles, help prevent injuries and increase movement, flexibility and range.
Our treatment programmes are tailored to work with your specific training needs.
We are happy to support all our local athletes in the most biggest event!! 

In this summer season, we offer the special price to support local athletes who are going to challenge Cromwell summer series, Challenge Wanaka!! (valid till on 20th Feb)

Alive-Sports45min  (casual)                                           $75
                                                         Concession of 5    $350 each$70

Alive-Sports 60min(casual)                                             $90
                                                          Concession of 5    $85each$425

Please mention us when you make a booking!