Manual Therapy for Hip pain and Lower back pain ( SIJ dysfunction) with Lisa

There are many people having hip pain over this winter season from concussion, bad fall! Manual therapy or Craniosacral therapy help recover from these tissue damages, stiff hip joint and reduce pain and spasm along with approprite treatments😉 Lisa does Manual therapy and work out these sympthons.
Your first visit with Lisa cost only $60 (30min treatment plus 15min consultation)

Core stability exercise and post cancer rihab class launched with Lisa!

"Core stability exercise "group lesson start on this saturday the 22 nd at 9 am with Lisa who is qualified physiotherapist from Germany. We will have another group lesson come up soon "post cancer rehab" cost $15 / casual session(45min) at Multi peak fitness. Please pup up or message us if you want join us! keep fit together

Welcome our new therapist Lisa!

We are excited to let all our clients know we have a new therapist Lisa start practice at our clinic. She is a qualified physio therapist from Germany😉 Her special area is Remedial massage,Manual therapy, Manual Lymphatic drainage(Lymphatic Drainage massage),chronic pain syndrome (Hip pain, knee pain, etc). She has clinical professional experienced in Germany. Please come to see Lisa.She is available to take a booking now.

Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy

Craniosacral therapy treatment that uses gentle techniques to help balance the body by releasing tension and restrictions. It is well known world-wide for being able to make a profound difference to preganancy woman's physical and emotional well-being including for. It soothes back pain, nausea, headache, and edema, and supports you to deal with your concerns or anxiety around pregnancy and birth.The deep relaxation you can reach during the session helps you to cope easier with challenges in your pregnant everyday life!

Dysfunction in Tensor Fascia Lata

Dysfunction in Tensor Fascia Lata

We often overlook Tensor Fascial Latae (TFL) which is a muscle with many different functions. The dysfunction in the TFL muscle is commonly associated with knee pain and hip pain.The TFL involve in many movement such as hip flextion, rotation. Here is useful straches excersices you can do at your home. Please check it out!

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We would love your help again for Challenge Wanaka 2017 on Saturday 18th February!

Whether you are training for an event, part of a sports team or working out to stay fit, regular sports massage will speed recovery, condition muscles, free up stiff joints and tight muscles, help prevent injuries and increase movement, flexibility and range.
Our treatment programmes are tailored to work with your specific training needs.
We are happy to support all our local athletes in the most biggest event!! 

In this summer season, we offer the special price to support local athletes who are going to challenge Cromwell summer series, Challenge Wanaka!! (valid till on 20th Feb)

Alive-Sports45min  (casual)                                           $75
                                                         Concession of 5    $350 each$70

Alive-Sports 60min(casual)                                             $90
                                                          Concession of 5    $85each$425

Please mention us when you make a booking!


How Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can help?

Here you can get amazing therapy at our clinic which you have never experienced before!
Have it try this wonderful therapy- Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy-Miwa is qualified practitioner, Book with her today!

The Benefits of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
The Craniosacral System has been in place since a early stage of our evolution.
In comprises the bones of the skull(cranium and mandible), the spinal column, and sacrum bone, plus membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord, along with the related connective tissue. Its function is to help maintain a healthy environment for the central nervous system to function efficiently, thus influencing a variety of body functions.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy(BCST) has its roots in Osteopathy and was developed into a unique treatment by Dr John Upledger an osteopath in the 1970's.It's an gentle non-invasive, hands-on treatment, which works with the body natural rhythm, and helps to activate healing and balancing mechanisms.
When you are feeling safe, loved and relaxed you may be more able to communicate your areas of tensions. When these tensions are released and balanced, you are more likely to wholly relaxed into life. A sensitive, compassionate therapist will find those area in need of adjustment and provide an opportunity for balance to occur.

Gentle hands-on techniques facilitate the unwinding of area of compression and misalignment, encouraging the release of stress and associated emotions.
You can then start to soften and relax. With pressure and tension gone, necessary space in the brain and body can return, room is freed for natural growth and functioning, and your health and wellbeing can be much improved.
It's also possible that Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy could help to release residual tension around the stomach and colon that have been causing a degree f colicky symptoms to occur.
It could also help relief symptoms by helping to stretch and relax the Psoas muscle situated in the buttocks and hips. This muscle can become tight after long hour sitting position at desk work.
( green child


Cold snow season is coming in Wanaka...burrr... I love sitting warm at living room at night and have some hot chocolate :-) but I try to avoid taking too much sugar for a good sleep...if we do not get enough sleep it can lead to higher level of a stress hormone, also lead to more inflammation to our body:-(

Here is some idea to boost your immune system & well-being!
Let's have a look!!

1.Enough sleep-Usually 7-9hours sleep for an adults is key for good health.

2.Regular exercise-Try to regular exercise like 30minutes walking every day,it can also help boost energy!

3.Good diet-Eating a lots of vegetables and fruits include kiwi fruits, berries,garlic... help cleansing your blood too.

4.Stress Management-Recent research show that people who do not manage stress well can have headache,illness,depression...etc. Having regular alternative treatment such as Massage,Craniosacral therapy is one of option can help reduce stress level.
(come to see us and tell us what you need:-)

5.Sense of humor &good relationship-.Having strong relationship and good social network is important for you. Also laughing, smiling makes you feel happy that reduce stress hormones  levels in your body and boosts a type of white blood cell which fights infection.



Do you want to share the passes with your friends or family members?
We are ready to help you prepare for the skiing and snowboarding season to be injury free and have a fantastic winter!
To increase muscle and joint mobilization the body needs to be in balance.The benefits and effects of Remedial Massage include physical effects such as circulating blood and lymphatic fluids as well as stretching muscle.

Family Pass     10 Discount Pass                5Discount Pass
60min                  $850                                       $450
45min                  $700                                       $375
90min                  $1250                                      $650

Valid for redemption from the 11th of June to the close of the snow season in 2016.
5Discount Pass must be used within 21days of the first day.
10Discount Pass must be used within 42days of the first day.
Passes are not exchangeable for cash and are non-refundable. Passes are single use only.
Last minute cancellations and no-shows will result in full service charges.

1.Email us on or call us on 0212601724 to let us know.
2.Once payment has cleared, we will send you the certificate within 48hours.
(Valid for the passes purchased until 11th June2016 only)

Free posture assessment by our new therapist AKIO


We have new therapist AKIO who has just joined our team from Japan.
He is offering all our new clients a 15 minute free posture assessment to improve your posture.
Assessing posture is fairly subjective and you would normally do it with a view to looking for improvement and establishing what state the musculoskeletal system might be in when you arrive at our clinic.

 If you suffer from discomfort in the muscles and feel like they are being pushed over then it can be tightness and you should progress quickly by practicing the movement and increasing the range in a controlled position.

Through the assessment AKIO may find some restriction in your movement from joints, connective tissue, muscle tightness, imbalance or just poor patterning.  Once he finds out, he will be able to work with you at the clinic, then  you will find out what can be achieved and you’ll be able to sort out what to do next!